May 2011

Ingenious birds @night

Sad to tell you that our project proposal didn't make it to the festival Into The Great Wide Open, but we would like to share the sketch of our ingenious birds @night.

Glow in the dark nests at Vlieland (sketch)

This project was a collaboration with Stella Teunissen.

Expertmeeting: Interior Arguments (Textile Museum Tilburg)

Interesting interior textiles at the Textile Museum in Tilburg

Rothschild Bank London of O.M.A. level 15  

Ontmoeten in het groen: visit the Green House

Today I visited Sophie Gruijters and Anne at their Green House in the Wierden, Almere Haven. "Het Groene Huis" is part of the community art project Ontmoeten in het groen. The way they work is great:  neighbours of the Green House could come by and swop a story for a plant. This way Sophie and Anne collected nice histories about the area.

groene Huis in de Wierden

June 19: Open doors at Uranus Cultuurlab

Picture with died textiles on a rope, text: announcement for the Openlab 2011 19 june

Announcement: Sunday, June 19, Uranus Cultuurlab opens her doors for the fifth time.

For this occasion I started a special collaboration with the people I share my studio with (Stella, Esther and Simon). We present an exclusive installation, more about this later.