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Ontmoeten in het groen: picknick

For the art trail 'Ontmoeten in het groen' in the Wierden in Almere Haven, I organised a "Buurtpicknick" to present my ideas to the people. It was very nice, many people came to picknick and to listen to my presentation.

group of seniors visiting the picknick in the Zandwierde

Ontmoeten in het groen: inivitation picknick

Invitation for the people of the Wierden and specific the Zandwierde in Almere Haven.

red and white bocks picknick poster basilicum bread and tomatoes

Ontmoeten in het groen: invitation "Plant afternoon"

Invitation for the people of the Zandwierde in Almere Haven to repot their plants together.

Is your plant huge or would you like to meet your neighbors? Please join us, with or without plant at the field in the Zandwierde.

poster picture of plants invitation plant afternoon

Ontmoeten in het groen: visit the Green House

Today I visited Sophie Gruijters and Anne at their Green House in the Wierden, Almere Haven. "Het Groene Huis" is part of the community art project Ontmoeten in het groen. The way they work is great:  neighbours of the Green House could come by and swop a story for a plant. This way Sophie and Anne collected nice histories about the area.

groene Huis in de Wierden

Ontmoeten in het groen: project proposal selected

Happy to tell that my project proposal "wie zaait zal oogsten" is selected for the community art project "Ontmoeten in het Groen" in Almere Haven.

First sketch:

picknicktable with plants growing on top

I feel honoured that I'm selected. It is exciting to design, together with citizens of Almere, for the public space of this New Town.

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