At the Tablefield: realisation and presentation

The Tablefield is growing in the exhibitionspace Centre of Art in Utrecht.

Come and taste the seeds at the harvest dinner 28 april 2010!

Tafelakker in exhibitionspace

The Tablefield in exhibitionspace Centre of Arts Utrecht, in preparation of the harvestdiner.

The press release

At the Tablefield: realisation of two new Tablefield movies

Two new movies are finished

For a preview, have a look at vimeo or visit het CBKU 21-28 april 2010:


First announcement "Aan de Tafelakker"

Presentation "Aan de Tafelakker" Centre of Art Utrecht

21-28 april

From Planter to Plate

Tablefield in Garden Boutique, webarticle

Harvest Home

Publication in Artsthread, online magazine for design, fashion and art

Arts Thread issue 2, p.13

Edited by Katie Dominy

Elle Wonen dag

Tablefield in Elle Wonen

 (January issue)


Opening Markt&Zo 18 December 2009 19.00

The Green Shop is used at this alternative market. Visit this creative market for design and christmas shopping until 30th december.

markt en zo

Photography Pieter Crucq
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